Summer Camp 2023

2023 Summer Camps
Summer camps are M-F 9:00-1:00. 
Parents are responsible for sending a packed lunch and a water bottle with their children each day. 
Each camp has a listed age range. 
Camps are $30/day or $125/week! 
Registration opens Monday March 20!
To register for summer camps please reach out to our Education and Field Trip Coordinator!
Dino Days Camp
June 12th-16th, open to 5-10 year olds
Join MPDM and friends in learning about fossils, understanding dinosaurs, and participating in archeology-themed activities!
Theater Thinkers Camp
July 17th-21st, open to 7-11 year olds
Older thinkers will join MPDM and friends in learning about theater and movies – and will round out the week by creating and performing their own play on our backyard stage!
Mystery Madness Camp
August 7th-11th, open to 5-10 year olds
With every day being a different theme, this summer camp’s title says it all: campers will not know the topic of the day until they arrive at the museum!
Time Traveling Tots Camp
August 21-25, open to 3-5 year olds
This camp is targeted toward our littlest friends. Campers will explore a different decade each day through games, crafts, and other activities!
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