Climb through space with our new exhibit: 3, 2, 1…Blast Off! There are three levels of exploration for our newest exhibit, and in November 2022 the final half will be installed with active lights in the exhibit, as well as a mission control portion on the ground!
This space is especially designated for our littlest visitors. In the Baby Carrots exhibit, we encourage little ones to explore the life on the farm, plant a garden, gather eggs, or go fishing.
Our largest exhibit, the Beemazium, allows youth to explore the science behind bees while having fun. Museum visitors can dress like honey bees, move pollen around the giant hive, and tend to the queen. Visitors can also wear protective beekeeper gear and sell bottled honey in our market exhibit.
Our Exploratorium allows children to use their imagination and create such things as a paper rocket ship that can be launched across the museum using our air pressured rocket launcher.
Visitors can use their math skills to learn how to buy fresh produce at the market, discover healthy food options, and use their creative culinary skills to create new and tasty dishes.
The Fish Bowl is our live exhibit featuring different types of fish! Watch them interact in their environment and learn facts about the different fish in our tank!
Friendship Field is our outdoor exhibit space created to be used from when the snow melts to when the snow starts. This outdoor exhibit gives children an opportunity to discover the wonders of the outdoors. Complete with an outdoor kitchen, dinosaur dig pit, tons of flowers and plants, and a stage complete with electrical hookup so that kids and adults alike can appreciate outdoor play.
The Greenhouse is an indoor exhibit where your little bees can take a breather from playing! Check out our growing station to see what plants we are growing, or read a book in the treehouse!
Our newest addition, the “Honey Money Bank” exhibit encourages visitors to use their imagination and creativity while paying a visit to their local bank. From exchanging honey money at the teller counter to recognizing patterns at the ATM, youth are able to engage in math and practical skills.
Luminary Lab is an exhibit that focuses on the exploration of light. This exhibit features a life size Lite Bright, marble sensory panels, and a light up pipe organ.
The Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum’s “One World” exhibit highlights Mt. Pleasant’s Sister City, Okaya, Japan. In this exhibit, visitors of all ages can explore Hiragana, the first writing system taught to children in Japan, by making rubbings of kana signs from the Hiragana alphabet, learn how to make origami creatures, try on traditional Japanese clothing, create Haikus, and see what it would be like to live in traditional Japan as well as modern day Japan.
Based on Deerfield Park in Mt. Pleasant, PleasANT Park is an exhibit that explores camping and being outdoors. This exhibit features a pop-up camper complete with stuffed fire pit pieces, a life size ant hill climber with ant costumes, and a microscope connected to a TV monitor so that kids can see the bugs in their backyard up close!
Our racing airways exhibits helps kids explore air pressure and flight. Kids put light scarfs inside of air powered tube sand can change the direction that their scarf flies by blocking the air pressure in the scarfs path.
In this popular exhibit, visitors can launch a ball into the air and watch it come down and hit a cymbal or land in the water vortex. Visitors can also direct the flow of running water and investigate how water moves around and over obstacles.
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