Our Story

Our adventure began with a group of visionaries, motivated by their own children and a collective enthusiasm for play-based education, and came together to imagine a space for kids, families, and schools that is FUN and educational. The 12,000 sq-ft. facility  was designed to be eco-friendly and accessible to maintain a vibrant role in the community. The first of its kind in the central Michigan region, the founders sought to engage varying ages and developmental levels through exhibits that will cover subjects ranging from math and sciences, world cultures, literacy, regional history, and the arts. 


The museum was built to be a place for gathering, for growing, and for celebrating the important work that play provides for children. As the years rolled by, the museum continued to improve in quality by introducing new exhibits, such as the 3,2,1 Blast Off! Zone after a decade of operation. The community embraced this space, and we became a central hub that brings programs and events for the whole family, including Teen Nights & the Annual Halloween Carnival.

We are proud to collaborate with partners around Isabella County. We have worked with Mid-Michigan Industries to bring volunteers into the museum on a weekly basis, and provide them with a meeting space to have lunch on-site. The United Way of Gratiot & Isabella Counties is a continued supporter of our mission, providing matching grants and other opportunities to see us thrive. The partnership we have made with the Saginaw Chippewa Academy to bring students into the museum to build indoor gardens is another example of how we are honoring the institutions that shape our region.

To this day, the Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum sees over 50,000 guests annually from all over Michigan. Dozens of field trips roll through our doors. We have maintained our sustainable and eco-friendly stance and operate an Eco Kids Club to teach the next generation vital facts about being good stewards of our planet. We boast a nearly screenless set of exhibits, allowing children and their families to engage without need for handheld devices as a bridge. We encourage children to experiment, try new things, get your hands wet or dirty sometimes, and most importantly, not be afraid of making mistakes. As an extension of the classroom, assisting local schools in their educational endeavors, we believe that making mistakes is the best way to learn. It means you tried, and that’s what is most important to us, because it means you learned something new!

So come explore, learn, create, and grow with us at the Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum! We can’t wait to see what you Discover!


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